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Siirtolapuutarha-lehti (a magazine called 'Allotment Garden') is published five times a year and delivered free of cost either home or online to every member of the affiliated associations as part of the annual membership fee to the Federation. From the beginning of 2022 the printed magazine can be replaced with a digital edition.

Non-members can subscribe the magazine and it is also used as an overall tool for marketing allotment gardening – e.g. by offering it mainly free of charge to libraries in allotment garden cities.

The magazine is partially financed by commercial advertisements.

The articles in the magazine deal with issues of gardening and social life in member associations.  Throughout the year the magazine supports the Federation’s yearly theme.

In 2020 the federation published a book ‘Mökillä ja palstalla’ (‘At the cottage and at the lot’) that was distributed to all the gardeners in the member associations. The book is offered on sale in the office.
In 2022 the federation published a multiyear gardening diary, also on sale at the office.

VADEMECUM: Bees on allotment garden sites

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Suomen Siirtolapuutarhaliitto ry

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