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Fédération Nationale
des Jardins Familiaux et Collectifs

The Fédération Nationale des Jardins Familiaux et Collectifs (FNJFC), an association founded in 1896, runs a network of more than 150 allotment garden associations and 13,000 gardeners throughout France.

Allotment and collective gardens are biodiversity reserves in the heart of cities. Gardeners are eco-citizens concerned about the protection of the land that feeds them and the transmission to future generations of a living planet. This awareness is motivated by the presence in the allotment gardens of three generations of gardeners: children, parents and grandparents. The allotment gardens are in fact at the crossroads of the economic, social and environmental dimensions.

In order to make its project live and shine, the FNJFC accompanies its members in the animation and training of gardeners as well as in the administration of the garden sites. By relying on its expertise, it accompanies local authorities, social landlords and developers in the creation and management of garden sites. In the Ile de France, the FNJFC manages and animates 50 sites representing nearly 3000 garden plots, relying on a community of referent gardeners.

The FNJFC is made up of a team of ten employees who work on a daily basis to implement the missions and orientations defined by the Board of Directors.







Fédération Nationale
des Jardins Familiaux et Collectifs

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