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National Verbond van Volkstuinen
Ligue Nationale du Coin de Terre et du Foyer- Jardins Populaires

Tuinhier is the Flemish regional allotment garden organisation and has approximately 16,800 affiliated members. Its aim consists in the creation of allotment garden parks.

Following the French example, the « ligue du coin de terre et du foyer » was founded in 1896; In Flanders it was called « Het werk van den Akker en den Haard ». The federation was a national organisation administrating the most of the allotment gardens in Belgium.

Its first (relatively small) allotment site was situated in the Brussels commune of Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. Since 1920 members owning an own garden were also welcome.

In 1930 following the stimulation of Jules Callens – the monthly review “De Volkstuin” was edited for the first time. The review aimed at the individual allotment gardener and gave advice concerning the cultivation of vegetables. This review still exists today under the new name “Tuinhier”.

In 1980 the organisation was split in a Dutch speaking organisation and a French speaking organisation. The Dutch organisation changed its name and was called up to 2014 « De Vlaamse Volkstuin”. After 2014 the organisation is now officially called “Tuinhier magazine”.

Tuinhier is the socio-cultural association in Flanders and Brussels capital region. We activate and support leisure gardening. Tuinhier promotes durable and environmental gardening, for individual gardeners in pots or in private gardens and also in allotments and innovative garden projects. As an evolving knowledge centre we seek solutions for current and future challenges for the topics climate, diversity, solidarity,…

Tuinhier aims for all people with an enthusiasm for gardening.

The association is active on a local, national and international level. Its core business is offering accessible and educational activities and social meetings to be organised by its own or together with external partners. Tuinhier inspires, informs and communicates via its monthly “Tuinhier magazine”.

We are convinced that a warm, tight and respectful community is capable of tackling the current challenges. We strive for a healthy and responsible society where people are connected to nature and to each other.



National Verbond van Volkstuinen /
Ligue Nationale du Coin deTerre
et du Foyer-Jardins Familiaux

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