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AVVN samen natuurlijk tuinieren

With more than 220 groups, associations and foundations and almost 33,000 individual gardeners and supporters, we form a community for everyone who cares about joint gardening. To express this even more firmly than before, we changed our name to “AVVN joint natural gardening” in 2020. In a new mission and vision statement vision we articulate what we find important, what we believe in and what our guiding principle is how we want to shape the future. Our mission is: With gardening we make an important contribution to a green living environment and a healthy lifestyle. The vision reads: We do this by exchanging knowledge and offering expertise and by standing up for joint natural gardening.

We stand up for the interests of everyone in our community. Joint gardening fulfils a pivotal function when it comes to improving the daily living environment. The green space and the beautiful colored of the gardens create a pleasant living and working environment. The gardens are home to a great biodiversity, the gardeners have crop knowledge, knowledge of ecology and also use them for educational purposes. Joint gardening provides food close to home, without polluting transport kilometers.

Swapping seed, cuttings, vegetables and fruit is commonplace among gardeners. In the urbanized environment, joint gardening makes a valuable contribution to climate adaptation. The gardens significantly reduce heat stress and help prevent flooding after downpours. Joint gardening connects people, offers opportunity to meet and will counter unification. Social interaction and exercise have a major positive impact on public health, especially for seniors.

We are committed to recognizing all these valuable elements of joint gardening and that both gardeners, the hobby and the places where they garden are an inseparable and irreplaceable part of society.




AVVN samen natuurlijk tuinieren

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