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What do we offer?

The spearhead of our activities is the protection of the interests of our members associations. This is mainly done by adopting a favorable and preventative policy. We support associations to get good conditions for a long term legal security, among others incorporated in a lease agreement and embedded in special planning.

Other important activities of the AVVN are legal advice and help for our members as well as information for our members and others. We also offer advice and information on promoting the hobby. Our package of service is completed by several collective insurances.

Allotment gardening in The Netherlands finds itself in a dynamic time: on the one hand the constant special pressure and the uncertain future it brings, on the other hand the many initiatives of the sector in order to emphasize its surplus value for society which there most certainly is. Allotment gardeners in the 21st century are not just users of garden plots, but are the keepers of nature and valuable green in the urban environment, managers of cultural heritage and also thanks to their association structure managers of a active social network.



(Algemeen Verbond van Volkstuinders
Verenigingen in Nederland)

Vogelvlinderweg 50, NL-3544 NJ Utrecht
Tel.: 00 31 30 670 1331
Fax: 00 31 30 670 0525
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