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Allotment sites are worth a visit. Here some examples.

The German Allotment Gardens

Allotment association "Wühlmäuse 2000", Landesbund der Gartenfreunde in Hamburg

Young allotment site with park character. It invites for a walk, offers richly structured gardens as well as fruit to be tasted on its public areas. The association works in an ecological way and is an example for water management, stimulation of useful animals and protection of species. It has a flower meadow for bees and insects.

address: Hainbuchenallee 1, 21035 Hamburg

Allotment association "Bachespe", Landesverband Berlin der Gartenfreunde

Dynamic association with a strong social engagement and a tight cooperation with the Kita „Moosmutzel“. It is a site with only few fences, low hedges and grassed paths. Also, people living nearby love and care are very welcome for walks and a stopover in a green surrounding. Educational paths built with love and care, are easy to understand and are constantly broadened with new ideas.

address: KGA-Bachespe e.V., Besenbinderstr. 29, 12524 Berlin

Allotment site "Licht-Luft", Landesverband Rheinland-Pfalz der Kleingärtner

The association is characterised by its engagement for young and old. With the school programme “Young people help the elderly and learn at the same time” pupils meet elderly people and they both benefit from their respective knowledge and skills. The programmes organised during children’s holidays offer exciting activities in the garden for small children and during the afternoons for the elderly the latter can socialise. The excess of fruit and vegetables are given to the food bank, which distributes this food to people in need.

address: Entersweilerstr. 51, 67657 Kaiserslautern

Allotment site "Ulmenweg", Landesverband der Gartenfreunde Sachsen-Anhalt

By stimulating the offspring, child care and extensive specialised advice in gardening matters, the association cares for its members in an exceptionally good manner. It cooperates with the home in Merseburg hosting several generations. Here live together – similarly to the allotment association – people from all stages of life, starting with babies up to very old people. They all benefit from the each other. With this concept the association has been successful in dramatically reducing the average age of its members.

adress: Gartenanlage "Am Ulmenweg" e.V., Ulmenweg, 06217 Merseburg

Allotment association "Südhang", Landesverband Sachsen der Kleingärtner

The association especially cares for children, above all with its innovative project „Schrebino-Kinderland“. The association offers a generous allotment area to two Kitas in order to be used as educational and information garden. The cooperation between tenants, children, parents and educators is characterised by a relaxed being together and is exemplary.

address: Kleingartenverein „SÜDHANG“ e.V., Trillerstraße 19, 08066 Zwickau
homepage: http://www.kgv-sü



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