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BDG Academic Award 2023

Tag des GartensThe BDG Academic Award is presented every four years by the German Allotment Garden federation (BDG), the umbrella organisation of allotment gardening in Germany. All academics and students conducting academic activities in the context of allotment gardening are invited to submit their entries. The award recognises academic work that puts forward new and future-oriented ideas that promote the ecological, urban developmental and social functions of allotment gardens.

The aim of the Academic Award is to direct the attention of academics working in the fields of urban and regional development and landscape planning to allotment gardening. It is supposed to raise awareness among town and city planners of the potential of allotment gardens when it comes to furthering a green infrastructure. The BDG wishes to acknowledge ideas and innovative approaches that are exemplary in the way they seek to integrate allotment gardening in projects directed towards preserving the environment, strengthening our social structures, and enhancing the quality of life in towns and cities.

It is particularly important to us that due recognition is given to academic work and projects that have an exemplary effect on green and social aspects of urban development and that contribute to the creation of a modern green infrastructure. The competition aims to stimulate interest in topics relating to allotment gardens and urban green areas in the relevant academic fields and in their practical implementation.

It is not just the German Allotment Garden federation and its members who are currently facing wide-ranging challenges in securing the continued existence and development of allotment gardens. Other national member associations of the Office International du Coin de Terre et des Jardins Familiaux – with more than three million affiliated leisure gardeners the largest leisure garden organisation in Europe – also wish to secure, qualify and develop allotment gardening as an important contributor to the green infrastructure in Europe. This process is not just relevant to people in political and administrative institutions, but also to urban developers and town planners.

To be considered for the award, papers must in some way contribute to the requirements-based development of existing allotment gardens. Another option will be to determine, by empirical means, the value of allotment gardens to society and/or the environment.
Papers should originate from the context of universities and other institutes of higher education, and the themes covered should relate to the role of allotment gardens in Europe in the widest sense, in the context of urban and regional development and landscape planning. They should highlight, within a broad context, the significance of allotment gardens in the sustainable development of a green urban and rural landscape. They should point out the extent to which allotments are able to play a role in shaping the future development of cities and towns, and how allotment gardeners can contribute as local stakeholders to an urban landscape development that is both ecologically and socially sustainable.

Possible themes could be ones that consider innovative approaches to the creation, expansion and restructuring of allotments. Examples are:

• Descriptions of modification measures in response to changes in demand,

• Concepts and projects with innovative approaches to securing existing allotments, possibly with regard to the ecological enhancement of – and recognition as – compensatory areas,

• Innovative usages of allotments subject to the provisions of the Federal Allotment Garden Law.

The competition is formally aimed at academic work that can also be sure of arousing interest and acceptance within their departments. The range extends from outstanding seminar papers and bachelor’s theses to master’s theses and on to dissertations. Academic articles published in English may also be submitted. The production and publication period is limited to 2019 to 2023.

Day of the garden 2020

Day of the garden 2020 „Allotment gardens – green that unifies“

This is the motto for the day of the garden 2020, which is celebrated throughout Germany since 1984 naturally on the second Sunday in June. The central event on 14th June 2020 around the associative home of the Hannover district federation was cancelled due to the corona-virus crisis. Other host federations should have been Braunschweig and Lower Saxony.

However, numerous allotment garden sites throughout Germany will open their doors all over the year to celebrate this event and give curious visitors a taste of garden life. In 2020 the day of the garden should once again remind us of the many ways in which (allotment) garden enriches life.

Events in the allotment garden museum Leipzig

Due to the Corona virus crisis, events can be cancelled, please check.

museumThe allotment gardeners' museum in Leipzig is unique in the world as a special museum of cultural history with various forms of presentations. In the classical exhibition the historical development of the small gardens is shown. The three show gardens, however, convey a very practical impression. The central location and the authentically location in the middle of the listed allotment garden site additionally create a special atmosphere.

Also in 2020 with a varied programme we invite you to visit the museum and experience the history of the allotment gardens.

Highlights in 2020

• 9th May 04-00 hour p.m.
Museum night in Leipzig and Halle A cultural night with exhibition, creative events and campfire with live music

• 17th May 02.-06 hour p.m.
international museum day and plant exchange Under the motto "Museum for all – Museum for diversity and inclusion" we open our doors and gates. The plant exchange offers young plants from the museum's own cultivation

• 13th September 01-05 p.m.
Open monument day Highlight: 11.00 a.m. Walking tour: "architecture of the west suburb of Leipzig"

• 19. September 02-06 p.m.
Apple variety identification in cooperation with the Bundessortenamt Wurzen.

• 21. November 07 p.m.
Night of the house music An evening with life-music in a convivial atmosphere in the museum's exhibition rooms

For the full programme, please visit our website at Guided tours can also be booked outside our regular opening hours.

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