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What do we offer?

Therefore we offer the following services to our members and to the community


We give advice to all plot holders on an allotment garden site on how to care for and cultivate their plots. Using lectures, film presentations and practical education in seminars, we try to give people the necessary knowledge to tend their gardens responsibly and well.


By our monthly gardening review "Gaart an Heem" as well as by a booklet published once a year and given free of charge to our members we provide them with valuable ideas and information concerning gardens, homes and their environment

Environment protection

We also undertake the following activities:

Special competences of the federation:



Ligue Luxembouirgeoise
du Coin de Terre et du Foyer

97, rue de Bonnevoie, L - 1260 Luxembourg
Tel.: 00352/48 01 99
Fax: 00352/40 97 98

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