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Guided Tour on the Etterstad allotment site

  • Norway
  • 20.7.2021

For many years Etterstad kolonihager has arranged guided tours in the garden. It is announced by flyers and on Facebook. Due to Covid it was a long time since a guided tour was arranged, but on June 22nd it was possible.

Etterstad is a small garden (88 cabins), and allowed only 20 people to attend for this event due to Covid (usually it is a lot of people attending). They were divided into 2 groups, guided by Kari and Hanne from the garden. The visitors were interested to know about the garden, about vegetables and fruit, about waiting lists and how life in a garden is. Some gardens were open for a closer visit, and also some of the cabins.

In one of the pictures you see a sculpture of Little My, a character from the book Mummitrollet by Finnish author Tove Jansson, the sculpture is made of one of the people in the garden.

Usually children from kindergartens are visiting every day, and before Covid groups from the elderly home in the neighbourhood come at least weekly for a chat and a coffee.

Photos: Liv Breines.


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