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1949 7th Congress – London Reconstitution of the International Office.
1951 8th Congress – Luxembourg The development of the allotment garden in the different countries.
1953 9th Congress – Amsterdam The allotment gardens and their functions in the social, physic and physiological area.
1955 10th Congress – Vienna The importance of the allotment garden in the political economy and in the modern civilisation.
1958 11th Congress – Brussels The urban planning schemes and the allotment garden.
1959 12th Congress – Dortmund The importance of the allotment garden in the modern times.
1961 13th Congress – Geneva The free hours do they present liberty ?
1963 14th Congress – Paris The laying-out of the allotment garden sites.
1965 15th Congress – Copenhagen The allotment gardens, a leisure garden in and near the urban centres.
1967 16th Congress – Luxembourg The allotment gardens and the right of leisure of the working people.
1970 17th Congress – Stockholm The garden, factor of balance for the modern man.
1972 18th Congress – Vienna The creation of allotment gardens as structural element of town planning.
1974 19th Congress – Amsterdam The allotment garden and the town planning.
1976 20th Congress – Birmingham The allotment garden and leisure.
1978 21st Congress – Bremen The value of the allotment garden in a social policy.
1980 22nd Congress – Basel The allotment gardens and the family.
1982 23rd Congress – Brussels The allotment gardens and leisure.
1984 24th Congress – Kopenhagen The legal protection of the allotment gardens and their integration in the urban planning schemes.
1986 25th Congress – Paris The allotment gardens and ecology.
1988 26th Congress – Luxembourg The contribution of the allotment garden to the human and natural environment in urban areas.
1990 27th Congress – Stockholm The significance of the allotment garden for the future social evolution of our society.
1992 28th Congress – The Hague Green without borders (environment).
1994 29th Congress – Vienna The same right for everyone – the legal security for the allotment gardens and the allotment gardeners in Europe.
1996 30th Congress – Dresden The allotment gardens indispensable for men, society, nature and environment.
1998 31st Congress – Brussels The promotion of the allotment garden: social, economic and ecological aspects as well as the role of the authorities.
2000 32nd Congress – Lausanne The allotment gardens in the 3rd millenary: social, ecological and urban planning aspects.
2002 33rd Congress – York Agenda 21 and urban planning
2005 34th Congress – Lyon The allotment and leisure gardens in the heart of the cities
2008 35th Congress – Cracow The future of allotments gardens in Europe
2011 36th Congress – Copenhagen The allotment gardens of the future
2014 37th Congress – Utrecht Focus on Allotements
2016 38th Congress – Vienna Gardening advice considering sustainability and responsible use of resources


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