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What do we offer?

  1. Leisure gardens offer the community
    • a better quality of urban life through the reduction of noise, the binding of dust, the establishment of green areas and more open spaces;
    • The conservation of biotopes and species, the creation of linked biotopes.
  2. Leisure gardens offer families
    • a meaningful leisure activity;
    • a gardening hobby and an economic growing of healthy vegetables;
    • the personal experience of sowing, growing, cultivating and harvesting healthy vegetables;
    • a counterweight to life in high-rise towers and the concrete jungle;
    • the furtherance of harmony and fellowship;
    • direct contact with Nature.
  3. Leisure gardens offer children and young people
    • compensation for often non-existent playgrounds;
    • a place to play and communicate;
    • a place to discover Nature and its wonders;
    • practical lessons in biology.
  4. Leisure gardens offer working people
    • relaxation through a healthy activity from the stress of work;
    • an ideal alternative to the working day.
  5. Leisure gardens offer the unemployed
    • the feeling of being useful and not excluded;
    • a means to combat forced idleness;
    • a supply of fresh vegetables at minimum cost.
  6. Leisure gardens offer immigrant families
    • a possibility of communication and better integration in their host country.
  7. Leisure gardens offer disabled persons
    • - a place allowing them to participate in club life, establish contacts and overcome loneliness;
    • - the experience of sowing and planting, growth, ripening and harvesting.
  8. Leisure gardens offer senior citizens
    • a place of communication and rest through contacts with persons having the same interests;
    • contacts that have grown over years;
    • an opportunity of self-fulfilment and an activity in one's own garden for the period of retirement.


Fédération Internationale

Fédération Internationale
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