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Allotment sites are worth a visit. Here some examples.

The Austrian Allotment Gardens

Allotment association "Wasserwiese", Vienna

The allotment association "Wasserwiese" founded in 1916, is, with 858 plots, the most important allotment association in Vienna. The association is situated on one hand within the green Prater area and is separated on the other hand in the southwest only by the Danube channel from the third Vienna district. Because of its hundred years of existence, this federation unifies all forms of allotments ranging from old to new.

adress: Wasserwiesenweg 1, Vereinsheim 1020 Wien

Allotment association "Krems an der Donau", Lower Austria

The Krems association unifies three allotment sites, which are situated in one of the most beautiful locations of the country, near the entrance of the Wachau (World cultural heritage). On a hill dominating Krems, in the urban district of Gneixendorf, you find the biggest site with 169 plots. Additional 43 plots are situated in the municipality of Furth at the bottom of the Göttweig monastery. The smallest site with 7 plots is situated in the urban district Krems, Mitterau.

Because you can find in this town three differently laid out sites and with different constructions, a visit of these allotments is certainly interesting.

adress: Gneixendorfer Kleingärten 1, 3500 Krems an der Donau

Allotment association "Schönau", Styria

This allotment site Schönau is situated in the heart of Graz in the neighbouring district of the town center. Surrounded by flat houses this biggest site of Graz, with 540 plots, offers an area of rest in the middle of the town, where the visitors can see at the same time both old and new allotment plots. The inn "Liebenauerhof" situated in the middle of the allotment garden site invites not only the local allotment gardeners for a restful stay.

adress: Heimgartenverein Schönau Kasernstraße 60, 8010 Graz



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