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  1. In 2015 Tuinhier published the ‘Moestuinwijzer’ or the garden guide.
    Its main goal was to inform gardeners without any knowledge. It contains all basic info needed to get started in a kitchen garden.

  2. In 2019 we published a digital ‘diversity brochure’.
    This brochure contains interviews and practical files about communication, ergonomics, constructions, etc. in order to work out new garden projects with specific target groups. 

  3. A monthly magazine published by the national association ‘Tuinhier magazine’.

  4. VADEMECUM: Bees on allotment garden sites

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National Verbond van Volkstuinen /
Ligue Nationale du Coin deTerre
et du Foyer-Jardins Familiaux

Tuinhier vzw
Ieperseweg 87, B-8800 Rumbeke-Beitem
Tel: 0032-9-267 87 31
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