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  1. In 2007 "Allotment gardens – a history" was published.
    This study was realized by our association and was written by the University of Leuven (KADOC). The allotments are in fact part of the social history of the 19th and 20th century.
  2. This publication comprises some interesting articles:
    • Allotments: an up-to-date element of the past
    • Organized gardening with a social mission
    • Digging for food, gardening in order to relax
    • Antidote to the modern town
    • The significance of the allotments for the housing in Flanders between the 2 wars
    • Allotments during the war
    • Allotments in the third world
  3. In 2005 our association realized, that there was only a small number of data available for political discussions in order to change the insufficiency of allotments. This was however a vital condition in order to get the help of the authorities.

    Therefore, the University of Gent has published several studies in cooperation with our association and with the financial help of the Flemish authorities.
    • July 2007: description of the situation of the Flemish allotments from a sociological point of view and from the point of view of territorial planning
    • September 2010: guide for the local authorities for the creation of allotments
    • September 2010: determination of the needs of a small number of small communes
    • September 2010: difficulties and potential of the existing allotments
  4. The Flemish region issues the monthly review "TUINHIER".
  5. VADEMECUM: Bees on allotment garden sites

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In 2016 our association has worked out and published 10,000 copies « Indicators for the kitchen garden » in cooperation with the association of the Flemish provinces. This indicator has been handed out to all our local associations.

In 2018 we issued the "development tracer". This publication is specifically destinated to the local associations. It is a good governance guide. Every year Tuinhier issues additional file cards, which can be added to the folder.



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