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On national level a consultation is organised every year.

On international level a delegation of the national federation takes part in the general assembly of the Office International du Coin de Terre et des Jardins Familiaux ASBL. A delegation of the national federation also takes part in the international congresses and seminars.

On regional, provincial and local level numerous working meetings as well as assemblies (i.e. feasts, recitals and other activities) are organised. There are approximately 2,500 gatherings per year.

In this way we stimulate the friendship between the gardeners. So they can also acquire experience from their fellow-gardeners.

Additionally, many local associations bulk buy (seeds, plants, fertilisers, tools etc.) The members are the beneficiaries of all these measures.

In the future our federation will increase its efforts to get grounds so that every gardener can develop a healthy activity and enjoy recreation. The federation considers drawing the attention to the new forms of gardening in common.

On Saturday October 1st, 2016 “Tuinhier” organised its biennial congress in the “Limburghallen” in Genk. In the morning several speeches were given. In the afternoon the participants took part in guided tours in the mining region (open-cast and underground).

“Tuinhier” together with its 200 local associations and 23,000 members aims at reaching the targets of sustainability and biodiversity in gardening and their protection for the future. Even after an existence of 120 years, Tuinhier is and remains a very attractive movement.

Gardening requests more than a green thumb. A lobbying is necessary among higher authorities. Management and a commitment to guide are also important for an optimal functioning of our non for profit organisation “Tuinhier”.

The intercommunal platform “” are supporters of a closed circle. The allotments are interesting from an economical point of view and stimulate the social cohesion.   

This was a great opportunity to thank all the representatives to revive (stimulate) our sense of solidarity and to exchange ideas.



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