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Assembly of the delegates in Sankt Gallen on May 20th, 2017

  • Switzerland
  • 23.5.2017

As usually every second year, the delegates of the Swiss allotment gardeners met in Sankt Gallen on May 20th, 2017.

It was an important assembly as Walter Schaffner, after 28 years of work within the federation and after 12 years as president, continued this function to Christophe Campiche.

CHWalter Schaffner received both from the Swiss allotment gardeners and the International Office a hearty thank you for the achieved work and Christophe Campiche received all their best wishes for taking up the future challenges.

In addition to the statutory requirements, the resolution joined as appendix was adopted.

Allotments constitute in a town, and especially in a compact town, a healthy environement, are attractive spaces for recreation and leisure, stimulate health and relations between people, are living spaces for fauna and flora to name only these few beneficial aspects.

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An example to imitate

  • Switzerland
  • 5.1.2017

"The blooming house": ("La maison éclose")
Poetry in this garden…

SwitzerlandAt the border of the large square of Milan, the healthy oxygen and tranquillity lung in the South of Lausanne, you find the green hill of Montriond. From this spot the walker can enjoy a splendid view over the capital of the Swiss canton Vand, the Lake of Geneva and the Alps of the Savoy.

It is not unusual to meet here amateurs of rare, indigenous and exotic plants who stroll through the cantonal botanical garden next to our nice allotment site of Montriond. The latter is not second as far as "order and beauty, luxury, calm and lust" are concerned as states the great poet Baudelaire.

The blooming house

On the sign of the" blooming house" you can see that an exceptional event took place at the end of this summer in the gorgeous plant alleys.

Far away from the reception halls and the closed meeting rooms where so often literature is locked in, in front of a captivated public, the words of a small group of authors blossomed freely between plants, flowers, a waterfall and ponds for the great pleasures of the audience.

Sitting in the shadow of stalls, decorated by extraordinary vintage elements, 16 writers, 10 female and 6 male writers invited the visitors to listen to their texts in complete privacy in an out of the ordinary, rare and precious face to face.

So on Saturday August 27th literature, murmured and shared secrets in confidence…..

Words…..and tastes

The cherry on the cake was a gastronomic concept accompanying the readings and so allowed all the senses to be awake: there was something to hear, to see, to smell, to touch, to taste…….it was to lose ones head!

Writers in the garden

This playful and interactive experience where the art of writing became an ally of the art of the gardens allowed a conquered public to discover the authors: Pascal Bernheim, Anne Brécart, Julien Bucci, Julien Burri, Olivier Chapuis, Sophie Colliex, Elisabeth Daucourt, Sabine Dormond, Valérie Gilliard, Pierre de Grandi, Douna Loup, Rachel Maeder, Cornélia de Preux, Abigail Seran, Jean Prod'hom and Rachel Zufferey.

All say that they were delighted. Who can say how many friendly contacts were created in these privileged moments, robbed from the time that is passing too quickly and that can never be caught up?

The blooming house? A lesson not only of literature but also of the art of living and of openness for the creation on our allotments……

Simone Collet, Switzerland

And you can already find such examples………….

Similar initiatives can for example be found:

1) in France
In Orleans
Heritage Day
The allotment site "Abbé Lemire" opened its doors on September 19th, 2015 at the occasion of the Heritage Day. The public could admire sculptures by Nicolas Crozier, ceramics by Michael Buckley, listen to poems by Régis Pelletier and enjoy different activities and tastings(honey, vegetables), get gardening advice, visit the beehive and the pedagogical pool and could as well discover the history of the allotments in Orleans. At the end of the ceremony 375 kg offered by the allotment gardeners could be given to the food bank of the Loiret in partnership with GrDF.

Jean-Claude Férail, president of the AOJOF
(Jardin Familial de France 493/2016)

• In Gradignan
Reading activities
During the environment week, readings are organised in the gardens for school children.

So do also open your site and organise a special event, a reading activity, an art presentation, a food tasting experience…..There are no limitations to your imagination.

2) in Great-Britain:
From July 23rd until August 7th 2016 an art exhibition "Closer to the Veg" was organised at the Fitzroy Park Allotments in London.

Switzerland: Year of the Garden 2016

  • Switzerland
  • 13.11.2015

Good news for amateur gardeners! During the "Year of the Garden 2016 – a Place to Meet" gardeners are honoured all over Switzerland during the whole year. This will take place during an important national campaign under the patronage of federal counsellor Alain BERSET.

The Swiss allotment gardeners will also participate. The preparation work has already begun.

For more information please check under and in the Swiss allotment garden magazine Jardin Familial/Gartenfreund 11/2015.


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